Short English Bio

Andrea Marchesini (Alassio - Italy, aug 5th 1960) started playing drums at age 14 and spent his teen days listening to great music, having fun with local musicians, rehearsing, composing, playing concerts, and self teaching drumming basics.
After a short period of music and drumming theory and practice at the "Small Conservatory" Nuova Milano Musica in Milan, Andrea moved to New York ('84) to continue his studies and give it a try in the Big Apple.
He studied at Drummer's Collective with Kenwood Dennard, Frankie Malabe, Kim Plainfield, Robbie Gonzalez, Steve Gadd, played in dozens of rock (CBGB's, The Bitter End, Kenny's Castaways) and jazz clubs (Mikell's, Visiones, Village Gate, 55 Bar), recorded commercials, demos, albums and CDs, took part of TV shows and theater plays (among the different "projects": Robert Secret, Round Trip, Chris Joannou Quartet, and the show Red House and a Europe tour in '85).
In '87 & '88 he put together his own band and repertoire and presented it to the East Coast with a short tour, bringing then everything into a studio and recording his first "solo" CD (1990) Back To Europe, with the partecipation of producer Hiram Bullock, guitarist Mike Stern, and bassist - producer Jonas Hellborg.
He returned to Italy in 1990 and took a long and deep brake with music, picking up again in 1997.
Ever since he has worked with many different local projects (among them a comedy-theater-music show with Luca e Paolo in '98, and his fusion quartet Ben's Pizza and a Liguria tour in '99) and slowly re-built a career wich peaked during important collaborations with italian pianist Antonio Faraň, with guitarist Alessio Menconi, and internationally acclaimed artists Jonas Hellborg (bassist formerly with Mahavishnu John McLaughlin) together with monster guitarist Shawn Lane withwhom he completed their first and only India tour in 2003.
Andrea played on the debut EP of the german band "All Tigers Bite", on Matt Balitsaris CD "Evening Fires", and on the first LP by the group S'Go called "Abbreviated", has taken part to many festivals in Italy, USA (New York - Lincoln Center), and India (Kolkata and New Delhi); since 2000 he is also very active on the teaching front, both privately and in the best schools in his native Liguria.
He has also collaborated with Emanuele Cisi, Claudio Capurro, Bob Bonisolo, Steven Antonelli, Stefano Calcagno, V. Selvaganesh, Luca Pasqua, Gianni Serino, Stefano Guazzo, Barbara Raimondi, Andrea Pozza, Billy Martin, and played in jam-session with Riccardo Zegna, Dado Moroni, Flavio Boltro, and Jaco Pastorius.
In more recent times an India Tour (8 concerts in the North-East) with his trio "Dif-Fusion", with Alessio Menconi and Pippo Matino and consequent live CD "Concert in Shillong" (2004), a short tour in France with Jonas Hellborg and Neyveli S. Radhakrishna (ethnic carnatic fusion; 2005), a short tour in Liguria with londoners Terry Pack and Phil Hudson (jazzy songs, instrumentals, originals; presentation of Terry Pack's solo CD; 2006).
2009 and 2010 witness the birth of Black Batik, a new quartet (fusion & jazz originals) by Andrea with concerts in Liguria.
Then again local shows with DOC-G, several long-term contracts at Bar Américain - Hotel De Paris, Monaco - Montecarlo, with Alessandro Collina Trio and VicK (international entertainment repertoire).
Since 2010 andrea steadily performs with Andrea Celeste Quartet (pop & jazz songs, originals; drumming on 2 tunes of the 2012 CD "Something Amazing") and occasionally with BassVoice Project (Silvia Barba, Pippo Matino, Joe La Viola).